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Better Orgasms and Dryer Pants

Saturday 11th June 2016

Testicles to Spectacles.......

.......was the bizarre yet very clear and easy to follow instruction from Cherry Baker ....... to a room full of women and two men!

The Pelvic Floor is something I am aware of as a Yoga instructor (or Mula Bandha as is more familiar in Yoga) but it's not something I have studied too much..... Until today!

On a lovely torrential rainy day in Cheadle, a cheery Cherry Baker joined us at Cheadle Drill Hall and gave us all a very humorous and informative talk on the pelvic floor and it's importance in day to day life, preventing "trumps with bumps" and prolapse.

It was the 1st workshop we have hosted as OMFG and Cherry's excellent "Uptight & Outta Sight" didn't disappoint! She has a great no-nonesense way of presenting information and really knows her stuff. There were some in depth exercises, from mapping out the pelvis by sitting on a piece of paper to women lifting their imaginary testicles and blokes lifting their imaginary vaginas! I think I speak for both of us blokes when I say it was really interesting and useful for the male species too!

Something I found fascinating is that the pelvic floor is the only horizontal load bearing muscle group in the human body and wasn't originally designed to bear load. Our ancient ancestors moved on all fours so the bum was in the air; as humans have evolved and become upright the pelvic floor has become under more strain than it is designed for. I for one will be practicing the pelvic floor exercises I learned and sharing the knowledge with my bloke mates who think "it's just girls stuff!"

Facts about pelvic floor problems and benefits of exercising it

• The pelvic floor sits at the bottom of the pelvis and stops everything falling out!
• It is just as important in Men and Women
• 1 in 3 women and 1 in 10 men over the age of 18 experience pelvic floor issues
• A healthy pelvic floor can help increase the intensity of orgasms, prevent premature ejaculation, haemorrhoids and prolapse and stop you pissing you pants or worse!
• "Mopping Up" due to pelvic floor issues cost the NHS £117 million a year (not including treatments and therapy etc)
• Pelvic floor issues are the 2nd most common reason for OAPs having to go into care homes

SO LET'S STOP BEING POLITE AND GET TALKING ABOUT THE PELVIC FLOOR - It's not a pleasant thing to talk about.... but neither is shitting your pants!!!!